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Become a Host Site.

Hosting Learners

What is a Host Site

A Host Site is an organization that agrees to take on learners as contractual employees for a certain period of time (usually 8 – 9 months) and in doing so, assists learners in achieving experiential learning and provide practical workplace experience.

While the host site gains a larger labour force at little to no cost to the organization, the Host Site is also actively combating the high unemployment rate that our country is facing. Benefits include access to additional resources, continuously developing new talent for the organisation, who in the process, learns how to work according to organisational policy and procedure and ultimately saving you cost in sourcing new staff externally with the potential for employment after completion.

Hosting Learners

Becoming a Host Site

The training landscape, including delivery scope and funding models, have changed over the last few years, and demand companies to be more flexible, innovative and resourceful. This is an opportunity for you as an organisation to engage in an experiential learning initiative, providing theoretically educated learners with a placement opportunity, working within your organisation for a set period of time to gain workplace experience. The role of the host site includes providing the learner with appropriate training in the work environment to achieve the relevant outcomes required by the qualification; the provision of adequate supervision and feedback to development and progress, and providing an appropriate environment related to the workplace component of learning.

Hosting Learners

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