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Qualification Overviews – Freight & Transport.

Freight and Transport

Qualification Overviews – Freight & Transport

All National Certificates and Further Education and Training Certificates have a duration of 1 year. The duration includes Facilitation, Assessment and Workplace Experience and project roll-out customisable for the work environment in which you operate.

Freight and Transport Qualifications

The purpose of the qualification is to ensure professional driving competence in the road transport sector, thus improving earning capacity of professional drivers as well as transport sector professionalism and economic growth. The qualification is set to create an environment for growth and development of learners, by improving the employment prospects and marketable competence of drivers, and accelerating the redress of past unfair discrimination in education, training and employment opportunities. By setting the minimum standards contained in this qualification, professional driving education and training will also improve.

The professional status of drivers of commercial vehicles will be enhanced by awarding a formal qualification in recognition of their professional competence. This qualification is designed to allow maximum access to, mobility and progression within education and training, and within a career path in the transport sector. Competence achieved in this qualification provides building blocks towards NQF level 4 qualifications, and the inclusion of communication and language, and mathematics literacy requirements contributes to learner development beyond simply the requirements for professional driving.

Specifics: Download the Course Overview

This Qualification reflects workplace-based needs in the wider Freight Handling Industry, both now and for the future. Freight Handling is diverse in its nature, so a fairly wide range of competencies are required by employees. The Qualification aims to provide the foundational and initial skills required for an individual in the industry to handle freight successfully; be an effective team member and undertake those tasks required to contribute to the effective processing of freight. People involved in freight handling play a key role in the movement of goods since they represent the physical link that ensures that the freight is efficiently and safely handled.

The required knowledge and skills can be used in many other goods handling environments or equally as well in a full warehousing environment. On-the-job experience can progressively lead to positions of more responsibility in the safe handling of goods and freight. The Qualification will provide learners with the opportunity to acquire the essential knowledge needed to further their studies in differing specialist areas within the transport sector of the South African economy.
The majority of learners for this Qualification are likely to be either unemployed persons wishing to enter the industry, or persons currently working in the greater freight handling sector that wishes to improve their skills and enhance their own career path opportunities.

Specifics: Download the Course Overview

This Qualification serves to equip the qualifying learner with the fundamental skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to support the provision of world class services by enhancing the learner’s ability to interact positively with clients and customers and to solve problems they come across in the workplace in the international logistics and supply chain management field and it will add value to the qualifying learner in terms of enrichment of the person, their status, and the recognition offered them. It also provides an opportunity for learners to learn and to apply skills in relation to the workplace.

The Qualification will provide learners with a solid understanding of the relevant legislation and regulations governing the environment in which they operate and also provide them with the ability to appropriately select and apply the relevant processes and procedures governing the operations with which they are involved.

Specifics: Download the Course Overview

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