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At ProServ South Africa, we aim to close the gaps between private sector needs, and skills offered by graduates.

ProServ South Africa tailors solutions for new entrants into the World of Work, focusing on providing a platform into the job market for matriculants, university and college graduates. We prepare 3 to 12 month programmes with a structured curriculum where individuals combine work with practical-focused learning in a learnership format.

We believe that a properly prepared and supported workplace is the key to the success of our programmes and high permanent placement rates of learners involved in the programme. Since almost 80% of the practical learning programme is implemented in the workplace, we ensure that our support structures specifically focus on turning work environments into effective learning environments. We support host companies and clients in creating constructive workplace environments for new job market entrants. Our guided, end-to-end solutions approach for organisations and learners are exceedingly successful, leading to a high percentage of learners placed in permanent employment.

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