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Training Services.

At ProServ South Africa we feel that a properly prepared and supported workplace is the key to the success of our programmes and high permanent placement rates of learners involved in the programme. Since almost 80% of the learning of the practical programme we implement take place in the workplace, we ensure that our support structures specifically focus on turning work environments in effective learning environments.

To make this happen, we not only make tools and support available for the learner, but for management, on-site mentors and peers as well. Our workplace learning services therefore include:

  • Training of mentors and coaches in the workplace
  • Induction programmes for learners and management to ensure alignment in the objectives of the programme.
  • Workplace skills coordinators visit the workplace to interact with learners and management and support the learning process
  • E-learning tools and an on-line document library linked to a mobile communication platform.

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Our training programmes range from vocational skills to supervisory and management development programmes and applicable to a wide range of industries, both as short course programmes and 12-month certificate programmes. Our approach to the design and implementation of Skills Development programmes is solutions driven and therefore custom-made to our client’s needs. In this we offer an end-to-end service including:

  • Development of competencies linked to job profiles
  • Conduct training needs analysis
  • Develop a Workplace Skills Plan
  • Recruit and select learners for the training programme, if the focus is on new recruits in the organisation
  • Development and accreditation of training programmes
  • Coordination and implementation of the skills development interventions including:
    • Preparation of workplaces for on-the-job training
    • Learner progress management
    • Scheduling of theory and practical training and assessment
    • Conduct moderation services
    • Programme impact monitoring and measurement

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