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Qualification Overviews – Management & Finance.

Management Qualifications

Qualification Overviews – Management & Finance

All National Certificates and Further Education and Training Certificates have a duration of 1 year. The duration includes Facilitation, Assessment and Workplace Experience and project roll-out customisable for the work environment in which you operate.

Management & Financial Qualifications

Contact centres and/or Business Process Outsourcing have become key business tools integral to the way organisations achieve their business objectives. Contact centre and/or Business Process Outsourcing is a growing industry requiring career development and progression opportunities. This qualification is needed to empower entry level employees to deal effectively with the public and to make a meaningful, positive contribution to customer satisfaction and to the image of the organisation.

The qualification is intended for delegates who already work as contact centre and / or Business Process Outsourcing agents or who wish to join the contact centre and/or Business Process Outsourcing industry. The qualification introduces contact centre and / or Business Process Outsourcing operations and equips delegates with the underpinning knowledge and skills to supply high quality customer service. The qualification is the first in a learning pathway for people working in the call Centre and / or Business Process Outsourcing environments.

Specifics: Download the Course Overview

The purpose of the qualification is to build the knowledge and skills required by employees in junior management who have had schooling below NQF level 3. It is intended to empower learners to acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values required to operate confidently as junior managers in the South African community and to respond to the challenges of the economic environment and changing world of work. The qualification provides a framework for learners to develop competencies that will enable them to become competent junior managers.

The National Certificate in Management: Level 3 is intended for personnel already employed and other learners who intend to follow a career in management. The unit standards classified as core may be added to other industry qualifications to provide a management focus and align qualifications to the work done by learners. Practical competence is within a number of contexts some of which may be non-routine. The focus is on comparison, choice, interpretation and application of knowledge.

Specifics: Download the Course Overview

This qualification is intended for junior managers of small organisations, junior managers of business units in medium and large organisations, or those aspiring to these positions. Junior managers include team leaders, supervisors, foremen and section heads. This qualification lays the foundation for the development of management qualifications across various sectors and industries. It specifically develops management competencies required by learners in any occupation, particularly those who are currently operating as junior managers. The qualification introduces key terms, rules, concepts, principles, and practices of management that will enable learners to be informed managers in any occupation. It has also been developed to enable managers or prospective managers to access higher education and provide flexible access to life-long learning.

Specifics: Download the Course Overview

The purpose of the Qualification is to develop the appropriate skills and knowledge required by a person for the establishment and development of a small to medium business venture, and addresses the economic, administrative and behavioral (psycho-social) barriers that contribute to success in starting and sustaining the venture. This qualification is intended for persons who wish to start, operate, manage and grow a new small to medium business venture. Learners attempting this qualification will be equipped with a variety of technical, business managerial and personal skills and strategies to help them succeed in the creation and sustenance of a business. The successful learner will develop a sound foundation for the application of these skills and knowledge to explore a diverse range of entrepreneurial opportunities.

Specifics: Download the Course Overview

The Learning programme has been developed for the debt recovering function within the business and commerce sector. It brings together all aspects of front office and supervision. The programme enables the learner to meet standards of service excellence required within the debt recovery field of learning, through building day to day debt recovery skills as well as operational competencies required within the business and commercial sector, both in larger enterprises and small, medium and micro enterprises. Where they will be able to interact with fellow staff members and their clients (debtors).

Specifics: Download the Course Overview

This qualification is the entry level qualification to the Labour Recruitment industry and facilitates access to education, training and a career path within a dynamic, exciting, challenging and growing services sector. This qualification aims to raise the level of professional service to employers, job seekers and other stakeholders and is intended for Labour Recruitment consultants in staffing services as well as recruitment consultants in the Human Resource environment, including recruiters in the Public Service, or any other person involved in a people acquisition function.

Specifics: Download the Course Overview

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