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ProServ South Africa’s qualifications are accredited with various SETA’s (Skills Education & Trainign Authorities) governing specific industry sectors and fields of study and all qualificationas are aligned to the National Qualifications Framework as outlined by SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority).

See our registered, full qualifications and links to SETA’s below:

What is The National Qualifications Framework

The NQF is a framework, i.e. it sets the boundaries, principle and guidelines, which provide a vision, a philosophical base and an organisational structure, for the construction of a qualifications system. Detailed development and implementation is carried out within these boundaries. All education and training in South Africa fits within this framework.

The NQF is a set of principles and guidelines by which records of learner achievement are registered to enable national recognition of acquired skills and knowledge, thereby ensuring an integrated system that encourages lifelong learning.

The NQF consist of 10 levels divided into three band; Levels 1 to 4 equate to high school grades 9 to 12 or vocational training, 5 to 7 are college diplomas and technical qualifications, 7 to 10 are university degrees.

Download the Updated NQF Level Descriptors here.

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