We understand that managing a learning projects can be challenging, especially when it comes to juggling multiple stakeholders, budgets, timelines, and resources. We offer a comprehensive programme management solution to help you manage your learning projects from start to finish, while ensuring that it meets your objectives, and deliver measurable results.


Our solution combines expertise in project management, instructional design, learning technology, and vendor management to provide a holistic approach to managing your learning project. We work closely with you to understand your needs, define your goals, develop a project plan, and execute it with precision and efficiency.

With our solution, you can expect timely communication, proactive risk management, and transparent reporting throughout the project lifecycle. Our team of experienced professionals ensures that your project is delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards.


Project Planning: Developing project timelines, defining project scope, identifying project milestones, and creating a detailed project plan.
Project Execution: Carrying out the project plan, assigning tasks to team members, monitoring progress, and ensuring that the project stays on track.
Budget Management: Developing a project budget, tracking project expenses, processing payments and ensuring the project stays within budget.
Risk Management: Identifying potential risks, developing risk management plans, and mitigating risks to ensure that the project stays on track.
Communication Management: Facilitating communication between stakeholders, and project sponsors for up-to-date on project progress.
Quality Management: Developing quality control measures, monitoring project outputs, and ensuring that project deliverables meet quality standards.
Stakeholder Management: Identifying project stakeholders, assessing their needs, and managing stakeholder expectations throughout the project.
Change Management: Developing change management plans, manage changes to project scope, and change communication.
Project Reporting: Developing customised programme progress reports, identifying issues, and highlighting successes.