We believe that knowledge in isolation is worthless. It is dissemination and implementation that creates and unlocks value across individuals and collectively, across organisations. Our digital learning platforms do exactly that.

They enable organisations to disseminate content rapidly (including but not limited to knowledge) without the limitation of location or present time.

Our bespoke system is designed to provide educators, administrators, and delegates with a single, robust, secure, and integrated system to create a personalised learning environment. It provides a flexible platform to support blended learning and 100% online courses. Because it is highly configurable it provides opportunities to integrate with external collaborative tools such as forums, wikis, chats, and blogs.

From a few delegates to millions of users, our platform can be scaled to support the needs of both small classes and large organisations. Because it’s flexible and scalable, it can be adapted for use across education, business, non-profit, government, and community contexts. In addition, it is web-based and can be accessed from anywhere using any internet enabled device. Our Digital Learning Platforms have been extensively tested across all major browsers, ensuring you experience the same high level of interactivity irrespective of your preference in web browsers.

Our digital learning solutions offer access to the learning platform using an App that is available on Google Play or the Apple App Store.


Bespoke Digital Learning Platforms which enable educators and managers to create and deliver courses that extend learning, anytime, anywhere.
Alternative 3rd -Party solutions and integrations.
Connect platforms offering Corporate Identity white-labelling options.
Reverse billing to ensure data availability to delegates while accessing learning.
Inhouse expertise to take our clients through the complete process of initiation,planning, implementation, and closure of learning digitisation.
The skill-set to deploy customised solutions in technical aspects of the project as well as the project management life cycle.
Can be hosted in the Cloud or on premises.
Our Digital Learning Platforms are SCORM 1.2 and LTI 1.1 compliant.
Seamless Microsoft 365 integration allows employees to log into the Digital Learning Solution using their Azure Active Directory credentials with a single sign-on.